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OMFG [Dec. 8th, 2011|09:22 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]

Daniel is such a BASTARD!!!

He is soooooo inconsiderate!

He's always telling me to do things when he's not busy at all. What do you do all day? Study a little bit and play games on your computer for the rest of the day?

One day after class in the morning, I had to go to work. At work, the pharmacist told me that my co-worker called in sick and that there were no replacements to cover her shift. The only thing I could do was come in the evening after my next class. I even had to skip lunch because it was so busy and I wanted to process more prescriptions before I left. After my shift, I went home to eat my lunch quickly because I had class in an hour. Daniel went to take a shower while I was eating/choking on my food. I just finished eating and then I sat down for a few minutes to relax. Then Daniel came out of the bathroom and yelled at me," Why didn't you feed Efui and Mei Mei? They look like they're starving!"
YOU STUPID IDIOT! Did you think I was just sitting here all the time doing nothing! Why didn't you feed them before you took a shower?
I didn't care, I just stood up and went to school. After class, I had to rush back to work. It was still busy and there were a lot of insurance problems and new prescriptions leftover. I still didn't finish everything by the time I closed the pharmacy.

Today, I just had enough of Daniel. I just came back from work and the first thing I hear from him is,"Why didn't clean up Efui's vomit? You saw it first, you should clean it up. Don't wait for me to do it! I already washed Efui because she was muddy. You should have cleaned it up"

Fine, I saw it first, but I just came back from school, and I didn't have much sleep the night before. I just wanted to relax a little before I went to work. Don't I have the right to have a little downtime in my life?

Am I supposed to just go to school and work and do everything in the house and only have four hours of sleep each night?

I couldn't take it anymore. I just started to cry. I quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower, hoping that I would eventually stop crying and my eyes won't be red by the time I finished showering. My plan failed; I kept on crying and crying. By the time I came out of the bathroom, I had to suck it up and put on a straight face so that Daniel wouldn't notice I had been crying.

I'm so damn tired all the time. Maybe I should just quit work or school so Daniel won't yell at me anymore. I hate it when he yells at me. He makes me feel so worthless.
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woahmigosh [Oct. 30th, 2007|08:36 pm]
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]

wow...5.6 earthquake...

I cannot count on Efui to save me cuz she'll be barking her head off...she was so dumb...I called her to come under the table, but she wouldn't...next time there's an earthquake, I'll just grab Momo and make Efui come to me...

By the way

HAPPY B-DAY LINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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oh ohlone... [Jun. 20th, 2007|07:05 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |JJ Lin - Cao Cao]

the squirrels are sooo cute....they pop out everywhere...

Sherry gave one some Corn Pops ® ...OMG it came so close...

when it was half a foot away from Sherry, Sylvia kicked it and it just laid there...

right before we left Ohlone, we saw this horny lizard humping dirt, but Daniel says it was dancing...whatever

then it was chasing another lizard (female), but she rejected him...lol...I think she finally gave in after playing hard to get...

Imma go SF china town for swords...woohoo...I want a sword with a tassle...I heard that it's harder to handle with a tassle, but I don't care....
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yays...summer vacation... [Jun. 17th, 2007|07:59 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei]

first day of summer vacation started out with helping my brother clean out his room...it was so messy

then there was the father's day/grandpa's b-day party

then I got a call from Anh about the goodbye party for Lindy T__T

so I cleaned my room that night and slept late

I woke up early to clean out Momo's cage and the rest of my room...there's a hecka lot of space now...

then came the goodbye party...

I went to Ocean's supermarket with Anh, Tiffany, Sylvia and Sherry to buy popsicles and whip cream

I had so much fun pigging out and playing guesstures...OMG Justin's dog is soooo cute...but he should brush it more often...

Then we all went to Justin's house to chill...

Sylvia, Sherry, Anh, Tiffy and I played dominos, cards, and truth or dare...we had so much fun...

then Sylvia, Sherry and I went home at 5 and practically did nothing except point out ugly people on tv...

after they went home, I ate dinner and gained about 3 pounds...I was like...woah....

so yeah...the start of my summer vacation

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:) [Jun. 6th, 2007|04:48 pm]
[Current Mood |fullfull]
[Current Music |Andain - Beautiful Things]

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whoot [May. 23rd, 2007|07:36 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |kim jong kook - saying I love you]

Anyways I gained back that pound I lost...and more...
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...gnarr... [Apr. 27th, 2007|04:57 pm]
[Current Mood |cranky¡damn right I'm mad!]

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whooot... [Mar. 24th, 2007|08:15 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Friday: such an exciting day

-physics: my hair stood up when I touched the electrostatic generator...my teacher kept on shocking me by tapping me...my arm twitched so much...

-math: Mr Sousa gave a speech on how math formulas came to be...math entertained kids back in the days because of the lack of 
tv, radio and all that fun stuff...he also talked about how the world's gonna be like the novel 1984 (where our minds are only 
thinking inside the box) if we don't wonder about things and keep our ears preoccupied with Ipods...It was such a cool speech...I 
wish I could've record it...

-Butterfly: that play is sooo deep and cool...woohoo extra credit...

Saturday:fun, fun, and more fun w/ Dan, Sylvia, and Sherry @ GA

1st bumpers, then psycho mouse,  eat, eagle ride, shopping, and lastly ice cream

I got this cute little voodoo doll called "Spirit of Love," the pin kinda pokes me a bit...

Dan got a wooden plaque for my mom that says "If I cook it...you eat it, If I buy it...you wear it, If I say no...you don't question it" lawl

We saw Ken (our cousin) at Sweet Tooth and bought ice cream from him...

Sylvia and Sherry fought over one cone and the ice cream fell, so Ken asked his manager before getting them another one for free...Dan and I shared, but he gave me the cone when he was through with the ice cream XP
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2007|11:19 am]
[Current Mood |lazylazy]
[Current Music |...]

WOOHOO...SAT...T__T...english was super hard...math was ehh...

Now that that's over...I'm lazy...even too lazy to use the computer for the past few days...

OMG i luv the squirrels at SJSU...they're so cute...I almost got to see one up close, but my mom scared it away...

Efui has been emo for the past few days too...like owner like dog...lawl

whoot...3 projects for school...

-history...icky presentation
-physics...build a tower...OMG i need a partner
-i forgot the last one...maybe i only have 2 projects....
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wishful thinking... [Mar. 7th, 2007|06:27 pm]
[Current Mood |creativecreative]
[Current Music |Kuraki Mai - Time After Time]

over these high school years I have been labeled as:

- sucker...............yeah whole bunch of guys said "Erika sucks"
- smart................so not true
- emo...................only once
- stupid...............Jay called me that or something close to that...Daniel called me that couple of times too
- hot.....................for one whole week... so very not ever true
- hard-to-get.......yeah... 
-  food-provider...that's what Efui and Momo would label me as XD
- favorite mitsubishi...o__O my physics teacher calls me that...something to do with ev or evo

- sexy...............did I hear him right???
- dirty...............yup i'm dirty
- naughty.......summer 2006
-perky..............too much sleep...
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